At B.I.A. we believe we play a role in the transition to a sustainable
fashion industry, and we want to be an example of bringing technology and good
practices for a carbon neutral future.

The main goal of creating a new 3d fashion category is to increase the
level of individualization, extending the use and life of each piece of
clothing, giving them a purpose, and a way for us to rebel against destructive
fashion practices.

Our clothes are produced and sourced sustainably, fully produced in the
European Union (only the cotton is grown in Thailand), with majority of the production
based in Portugal.

Due to the almost infinite personalization of our clothes, we developed
processes to make the finishing of each piece only when ordered (made-to-order),
greatly reducing stock and waste in production.

We also reduced packaging to the minimum, providing reusable options when

The high quality materials we use in our clothes also supports our case for
long use and the possibility of resale, further increasing the sustainability
of our brand.